Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Herr Today Gone Tomorrow

As everybody is no doubt aware, things have gone downhill fast for Sean over the last few weeks. Having been exposed as a nazi he's responding in his usual fashion which is to try to attack the character of everybody involved (and some that aren't) That's actually what this entry's about, have a read of this if you will..... "Jamie Coster now known as Jamie Farrant (Southampton, Hampshire), unmarried, in a relationship, atheist, anti-Christian and violently anti-Roman Catholic. Uses extreme profanity, has a sick and blasphemous sense of humour (like his biologoical father) and indulges in stalking. He is the eldest son of David Farrant from whom he was estranged from 1969 — when his mother left his biological father and moved to Southampton — until 2010 when he decided to search out Farrant and assist him in a vendetta that has lasted over four decades. The rest of Coster's family want no part of Farrant or his hate campiagn. Jamie Farrant says: "I must say [Kevin Chesham's claims] makes very interesting reading ...  it's looking quite grim for Sean at the moment!" Have you ever seen such a desperate attempt to besmirch someone? I mean come on, 'unmarried and in a relationship', oooh the horror. And an 'atheist'? well excuse me all to hell. Oh, and I use profanity, So what? And as for me being 'violently anti Roman Catholic', what utter tosh! And on this point I think I should add, coming from a bloke who proudly claims to not be a Roman Catholic at every opportunity it's a tad rich don't you think. It's high time Sean left the moral high ground to people more qualified to occupy it, (that's everybody else by the way) and concentrated on digging himself out of the very deep hole he's now firmly ensconsed in!!! Over to you Sean!


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