Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Herr Today Gone Tomorrow

As everybody is no doubt aware, things have gone downhill fast for Sean over the last few weeks. Having been exposed as a nazi he's responding in his usual fashion which is to try to attack the character of everybody involved (and some that aren't) That's actually what this entry's about, have a read of this if you will..... "Jamie Coster now known as Jamie Farrant (Southampton, Hampshire), unmarried, in a relationship, atheist, anti-Christian and violently anti-Roman Catholic. Uses extreme profanity, has a sick and blasphemous sense of humour (like his biologoical father) and indulges in stalking. He is the eldest son of David Farrant from whom he was estranged from 1969 — when his mother left his biological father and moved to Southampton — until 2010 when he decided to search out Farrant and assist him in a vendetta that has lasted over four decades. The rest of Coster's family want no part of Farrant or his hate campiagn. Jamie Farrant says: "I must say [Kevin Chesham's claims] makes very interesting reading ...  it's looking quite grim for Sean at the moment!" Have you ever seen such a desperate attempt to besmirch someone? I mean come on, 'unmarried and in a relationship', oooh the horror. And an 'atheist'? well excuse me all to hell. Oh, and I use profanity, So what? And as for me being 'violently anti Roman Catholic', what utter tosh! And on this point I think I should add, coming from a bloke who proudly claims to not be a Roman Catholic at every opportunity it's a tad rich don't you think. It's high time Sean left the moral high ground to people more qualified to occupy it, (that's everybody else by the way) and concentrated on digging himself out of the very deep hole he's now firmly ensconsed in!!! Over to you Sean!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Ho Ho Ho

Well hello everyone, firstly seasons greetings to all. It's that time of year again when children turn expectant faces toward the sky, log fires burn in grates bedecked with tinsel and holly and the spirit of goodwill pervades the land. So how does our good friend Bishop Bonkingham of Bournmouth celebrate.... why, he starts posting on Atlas Obscura as Santa Claus :-)) For those not au fait with Atlas Obscura it's a fascinating website/forum that documents places of interest all over the world. One of the threads concerns Highgate Cemetery......http://atlasobscura.com/blog/day-3-vampires-magic-duels-and-headless-bodies! What began as a discussion between David and Anthony soon attracted the attention of said dribbling deacon and it wasn't long before the thread became subject to the usual lies, put downs and general nastiness we've all come to know and love. Posting as firstly as 'Anonymous' and 'Vampirogist' Sean went straight on the attack with his normal tactic of smear campaigns. Later he added the username 'Time Traveller' and continued said campaigns against all and sundry, being joined at various instances by his mouthpiece 'Timelord'! Unfortunately for Sean during the course of the ensuing debate various points were raised about his occult past (which e denies), his nazi leanings including his doctoring of Davids political flyers with nazi emblems(which he denies) the threatening phone calls he made (which he denies), his sending of porn to peoples employers (which he denies) and various other scalliwag behaviour. Luckily enough though, there's plenty of evidence to back all of this up including photos witness statements, court records etc so Seans outright denials turned out to be outright lies. In the end he resorted to his default technique of crying abuse and saying he didn't to play anymore. Too late though, That's the trouble with the past, it's got a way of coming back and biting you in the ass. Maybe if he'd had the sense to just tell the truth in the first place he wouln't look such a prat now. Although saying that, having read some of his outlandish claims I think it was always going to happen! So, where are we now? The debate carries on with Sean presently posting like I said as 'Santa Claus'. He's still ignoring the uncomfortable questions that have been levelled at him and we're back to the old insults ploy in his ever more desperate attempts to get off the subject:-))) All very entertaing stuff, nothing like the exposure of hypocrisy to warm us on these dull winter days. A very happy Christmas to everyone, even Sean. Maybe in his role of Santa he could buy himself a very large tin of whitewash.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Anyone For a Hack?

In relation to my comment about being hacked in my last post, I should just clarify that the this is just one of the tactics Sean uses to remove or distort anything he finds offensive from the internet. In other words, anything that might show him for the fake he really is. We're all familiar with his ridiculous threats of libel action, his blatantly hypocritical bleatings of copyright infringement and his dmca takedowns. Sean used a 3rd year student at Colchester University who I'll just call P.D (the poor chap obviously had no idea what a slavering mental case he was working for) to hack into a message board of Davids called "Vampire Talk", and to delete reader's comments he didn't like. Fortunately the ip address was traced and it was stopped at source. This is just one instance of his underhand behaviour but the point is Sean IS a liar and he IS a fraud and incredibly he seems to think people don't realise this. So basically be warned, Sean wants to cover up his past, and to make people believe he's something he's not, and he'll stoop as low as he needs to to try and achieve this. (ha fat chance) Watch out, watch out theres a hacker about, next time it could be you!!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

What's in a name

Hi all, sorry for the delay in posting, I've had a bit of a problem with a hacker of late, so I've been avoiding using this account. Hopefully alls sorted now so it's back to normal..... or as normal as it gets where the dotty deacon's involved. Anyhow, down to business.... As promised, here's some more usernames Sean uses (or has used) to hide behind. http://dawwih.blogspot.com/2008/06/who-is-informative-one.html As you can see I've posted the whole page, so if I've mentioned any of them before I do apologise. While I don't condone it I can at least understand why Sean would want remain anonymous given some of the nasty stuff he does to people. What beats me though is that even when writing run of the mill stuff (which he does with monotonous regularity) he still feels the need to cower behind fake identities. Could it be he's ashamed of his past and of who he is...... Maybe! My guess though is that he's so ensnared in his web of bullshit, he wouldn't know the truth if it came up and bit him on the biretta! Come on Sean, be a man about it, like I've told you before, at least have the courage of your own convictions. Do you really expect people to believe your inane drivel when you start off by lying about who you really are. Thanks to Anthony for providing the link, and may I say, well put sir!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

(not so) Secrets And Lies

"I am a trained and seasoned researcher of the arcane, the paranormal, and especially those dark areas of humanity where few dare to venture, namely vampirism and demonolatry. I am much travelled and have increased my knowledge exponentially by meeting the most brilliant minds in the fields where I study."

So says Sean while writing as 'Arminous Vambery' in the introduction to his blog 'In The Shadow Of The Highgate Vampire' (spot the ripped off title anyone)!

This blog is the one where our good friend Herr Manny poses as a paranormal scholar of great repute. Obviously such a learned and respected personage would have lots of interesting and informative things to say on the subjects he claims to be so expert in.......

Unfortunately not! This blog is in actual fact the one where Sean derides anybody who dares disagree with his cock eyed views of the universe. It starts with a few thousand words of vitriolic hatred directed solely at David then goes on to list many of Davids friends and aquaintances, most of whom seem to have incurred the fake bishes wrath by simply existing. All these come of course complete with their own individual potted histories, all done to show us why Sean thinks they're bad people and why we shouldn't play with them.

The best bit (for me) is that our Manny actually believes his opinion is important in this regard. He obviously thinks that people are going to take notice of his loopy ravings.

Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you Sean but that's pretty far from the case. As I've said before your pompous disapproval is nothing but that, its just your opinion and its about as grounded in relity as the rest of your insane ramblings.

If anyone fancies a bit of a laugh the blog can be found here:


It's worth checking out if only to see if your on it or not :-)))


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I'm good I am

I noticed this passage while reading 'Metaphysical Meanderings' or the 'Herr Manny altar of Self Love'... as it should be called.

"I begin with the inspiration and proceed to make a quick sketch with charcoal or extra black pencil. The basic form is then transfered in very rough outline onto canvas. From this point absolutely anything can happen as the artist becomes the means and his tools become the medium by which more than mere reproduction takes place."

"More than reproduction takes place" sounds like a porn flick to me.

Personally I love this blog. Basically it's the one where Manny tells the world what a swell guy he is and how good he is at everything. And unbelievably, it's all done with a straight face.

Well here's to the pompous old fraud. After all, without people like him around what would the rest of us laugh at :-)))

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Rave review

I was looking through the Amazon online shopping site recently when I came across this review of herr Mannys novel 'The Vampire Hunters Handbook' I've cut and pasted it in its entirety as you can see and I haven't made any alterations or deletions.

0 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Does exactly what it says on the tin..., 24 Dec 2006
By Veritas - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Vampire Hunter's Handbook: A Concise Vamprological Guide (Paperback)
This book is titled "Handbook" - on that basis one would expect it to be a practical guide to vampirology and the shadowy world of vampire hunters. And that's exactly what The Vampire Hunter's Handbook is, living up to its title with each and every page. Chapters discuss blood lust, tradition, antidotes, exorcisms, exhumations, invocations, garlic, mirrors, the Kirklees vampire case, the Highgate Vampire case, vampiroid syndrome, the occult and so much more. There are also some revealing full-page photographs.

Not only does this Handbook explain the methodology of real vampire hunters, past and present, but also those dabbling amateurs who raise a chuckle but never a vampire as they pursue publicity at almost any cost. One in particular ended up with a five years' prison sentence after scaling a cemetery wall to conjure up a vampire during a bizarre occult ceremony.

There is also a lot of interesting information about the conspiracy to stifle serious discussion about real vampires. Academics, authors, journalists and those with an interest in keeping us in "everlasting ignorance" about vampires come in for criticism with evidence of their seemingly intentional misrepresentation of the facts unearthed by such luminaries as Montague Summers and the book's author, Sean Manchester.

Both these gentleman took Holy Orders in the same independent Catholic Church and have become leading authorities on all things vampiric on a universal scale. Summers has been dead for almost six decades, but the book's author still appears regularly in serious film documentaries about the supernatural and exorcism.

I would heartily recommend The Vampire Hunter's Handbook, not just to those who find vampires fascinating but to anyone with an interest in Sean Manchester, the book's author, who is frequently misunderstood in a world which no longer believes in what he has spent his life pursuing, researching, discussing and writing about. Truly a man born out of his time!
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Comment Comment

What a glowing tribute to the book and to the man....
The only problem is that (as I'm sure you are all fully aware) this whole pile of fawning garbage was written by one Veritas, aka Sean Manchester.

I particularly like the line "truly a man born out of his time"..... out of his mind more like. I notice he's even managed to fit in a pop at David (again). Is it just be just me or does his idiocy go from strength to strength.

Usually in this instance the cries of plagiarism would already be ringing out from Bournmouth but somehow in this case I don't think so, after all that would mean admitting he's Veritas.....and as we all know, that's never going to happen!